Submissive Husband Has Quite The Big Toy Experience

July 30, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

So Very Open

This Dallas, Texas married couple is back and wow, they have upped their game here. We never get to see his face but apparently he has a mask on that he has urinated on, simply so that it could smell like piss while he wears it during this clip. Yeah, considering we never actually SEE the mask here but that I know all of this about the mask....that is commitment to the fetish. I am fucking impressed by these two.

He has his balls in a cock ring because, well, she wants them in there. He is wearing a frilly French maid style black mini skirt and it is hiked on up so that his lady can access that plugged up asshole. Today is all about her shoving as much of that "four knuckled" big toy up his ass as she can. She is less than happy that all he seems to be able to take inside of him is half of it. She has him all lubed up but wow, she is less than pleased by his efforts here.

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