A Field Guide to Jaime Pressly

July 30, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by tucker-bankshot

Blonde beauty Jaime Pressly is celebrating her 42nd birthday today and we're celebrating by checking out her most amazing nude scenes throughout her twenty-plus year career! Jaime took the world by storm in 1997 when she made her nude debut in the direct-to-video sequel Poison Ivy 3: The Next Seduction, baring her boobs and buns while seducing a man three times her age! Jaime went nude a whopping five times in this film alone, providing men everywhere with enough spank bank material to last a lifetime in just one film!

Also in 1997, Jaime did her second best nude scene, showing off her amazing breasts in another direct-to-video flick, The Journey: Absolution. There was absolutely no denying that her star was on the rise, and though her nude appearances became much less frequent over the years, she gave us such a monumental 1997 that she may as well have never gone nude again!

2000's comedy Poor White Trash gave us Jaime's first and only lower lip slip as she destroys a hospital room and shows off a bit more than she intended while kicking over some equipment!

Rounding things out are three of Jaime's sexiest on-screen appearances, first in the spoof movie Not Another Teen Movie and then in the video game adaptation DOA: Dead or Alive, where she made us all swell with pride when showing off her incredible body in an American flag bikini! We close things out with her sexy lingerie-clad appearance in another, more recent spoof movie, A Haunted House 2!

There's no denying that Jaime is one of the all-time greats, and we can't wait to see what sexiness she has in store for us over the next 42 years and beyond!


All photos courtesy of Mr. Skin

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