Elisabeth Weir Is A Cross Eyed Squirting Elf

July 26, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Cross Eyed and Cumming!

Russian cosplayer/amateur porn performer Elisabeth Weir does a pretty interesting solo clip here. She is so pale and pretty and she starts this whole odyssey with a whole bunch of dildo blowjob action. It is during the oral that we see her start crossing her eyes as part of this whole affair. What is your view on this eye crossing that she is doing? Is it hot? Is it something she is doing to look less human and more elven? I am not sure at all.

She goes on to fuck her pussy with that very slicked down dildo and we get to see that she is wearing pink Converse Chuck Taylors which totally work for me as being elven footwear.I freaking love my Chucks. Well, this lovely fake elf loves fucking her pussy with that dildo and eventually, we get to see her get off, cross her eyes some more and squirt just a ton. She is quite the very hydrated elf. It must be all of that elven wine she is consuming when she is not doing sex shows on the internet.

Click on the video above to watch more of Weir right the heck now!

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