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The Truth Is Gaping!

Michael Vegas is absolutely incredible in his performance as a paranoid alien conspiracy theory enthusiast who has her fears/arousal brought to his life in the form of alien beauty/AVN MILF Performer of the Year Cherie DeViile in their brand new scene together in Adult Time's Future Darkly channel's season two finale directed by Bree Mills. In "The Ghost Rocket", Vegas gets to breed with alien DeVille in a scene where they each penetrate each other in a hot power exchange. I love the hell out of this scene and wow, you should check it out.

Here is what Vegas had to say about aliens and anal.


Hello, Michael! How are you doing? How are things?

"Hello, I am doing fantastic, thank you. Things have been going great. Both work and personal life are soaring to new highs."

Congrats on your starring role in the latest Future Darkly scene "Ghost Rocket"! What do you like most about how it turned out?
"Thank you so much. I was so honored to be part of that scene. I think my favorite part about the scene is how it felt like a great B movie all the way through. I love that it was a power switch scene too."

How was working with AVN MILF Performer of the Year Cherie DeVille in this? I thought her acting in this scene was incredible.
"Working with Cherie DeVille is outstanding. She is a sex demon that must be exercised and i was much obliged to help. We had worked together many times before in mainstream adult films as well as for PEGHIM.COM so I knew this alien babe really knows her way around Uranus."

How is being directed by Bree Mills? What is that experience like?
"Working for Bree is fantastic. She trusts me as an artist enough to let me help shape the production into something personal and special. She is an outstanding creative person and an amazing director. Her visions are not to be missed."

You do some incredible anal in this scene and in character. What do you enjoy most about being pegged?
"When I perform as a bottom, I get more camera time and I get to be a little more expressive and outrageous. As the top in most of my films, it is all about the girl so I try to not be too distracting from my scene partner. After all, most of guys jerking off to these girls dont want to hear Michael Vegas commentary the whole way through, LOL. Something really special about being pegged is that it brings a whole new understanding to sex for me. Being penetrated is a completely different experience that being the one penetrating. It gives insight and empathy to what is happening with the hole of my partner when I am topping them. It also is mind consuming... like... there is no other sex act that makes me make involuntary and uncontrollable faces and body movements. As the top, I can pay attention to lights, my partner's vagina, how I look, what the camera guy is doing, etc.. As the bottom, it is hard to stay outside of your body and actually make some porno."

What advice would you give to a man who wanted to start including pegging in their sex lives?
"Learn to clean out your butthole by giving yourself a proper enema. Learn to communicate your wants, needs and desires. Use lots of lube. Slow and steady wins the race."
Your tinfoil hat wearing character felt like a very real person. What inspired you in creating him?
"Mania and caffeine inspired that fellow. The glasses and long johns were from my personal collection. As soon as I read the script, I could feel this character come alive in me. He is a bit bonkers so I was happy to release him into this movie."

So are we alone in the universe? What is your view on life on other planets?
"I have seen things in the sky that I have no explanation for whatsoever. I was open but skeptical before that experience. Now I am convinced there is extraterrestrial life. Amber lights dancing in the sky seen with my own blue eyes."

What else is coming up for you? What should your fans keep their eyes open for?
"I am always working on new projects. I had a supporting role in Bree Mills' latest flick, Perspective. I play the psychologist to Angela White. Other than that, make sure to tune into PEGHIM.COM for more amazing mutual power exchange hardcore pegging scenes and don't forget to see my professional photography at"

Is there anything that you'd like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"I love you all and thank you for your support. I am on a mission to normalize straight guys doing butt stuff. We all have buttholes and they are amazing things. Don't let someone else make you afraid of experiencing pleasure because they project their unresolved homosexual fears on you. Live your life and do what you enjoy and your life will start to sparkle."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time. Click right here to watch "The Ghost Rocket" and other great Future Darkly scenes right now!

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