Georgia Jones Gets Turned On By Masseuse Kristen Scott Over at All Girl Massage

July 24, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Aroused And On The Table!

Georgia Jones is super sore from the hot, rough sex she had with her girlfriend the night before and she is happy to be undressing and getting on masseuse Kristen Scott's table in their brand new scene together over at All Girl Massage directed by Billy Visual. Scott immediately sees that something is wrong with Jones and that Jones is definitely in pain so she has to find out what is wrong with Jones before she can work on Jones' aches and pains.

They start the massage and as Scott rubs Jones' hot body with oil, Jones slowly starts to admit that the soreness is all coming from her ass. Jones also slowly reveals that the cause of that ass soreness was the spanking that Jones got from her girlfriend the night before. Scott is gentle with Jones' lovely ass but when Scott accidentally grazes Jones' pussy with her hand, well, it is on right there on the table. They each get each other off hard with some digital clit rubbing in this super hot pairing.

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