Ryan Creamer Tries On Clothes With Ginger Banks

July 22, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Dressing Room Action!

Comedian/Pornhub creator Ryan Creamer is just about the best fake boyfriend anyone could ever want and in this clip, he is out clothes shopping with his very special guest star Ginger Banks. In homage/mockery/whatever to all of the dressing room amateur porn scenes that happen out there, Banks and Creamer do this. They use a dressing room for what it is supposed to be used for. They try on clothes and get a good look at themselves in those clothes.

Naturally, there is no nudity because Creamer always keeps it sparkling clean on his channel and really, there is a fetish represented here, for sure. What straight woman out there does not want a man to tell them how beautiful that they look in a new piece of clothing? Sometimes, that ego boost is all a woman needs and that will get you laid a bajillion ways if you pay attention to that. So many women want to feel pretty and desired when out in public, especially in a consumer situation where they are being told that they aren't good enough unless they buy certain stuff. Good job, Creamer.

Click right on the video above to watch more of Banks and/or Creamer right now!

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