Nina and Tina Make Out and Smoke

July 18, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Love, Love, Love.

California married lesbian couple Nina and Tina share a ton of their sex life and personal time with the internet and that is freaking awesome of them. The busty MILF of the pair has her tits out and has a Rosie The Riveter scarf tied around her head. She is looking fine. She decides that it is time to smoke a cigarette. She also has some silicone kegel balls in her pussy which is really freaking fantastic to think about.

She and her sweet partner kiss and shotgun cigarette smoke in each other's mouths and just chill out together. I love how happy and in love that they are and how much they love each other's bodies. They really have great energy and they definitely enjoy the hell out of each other.I love her rainbow wristband tattoo and how confident and happy she is in herself and her nudity. Later on, her partner takes her own smaller rack out. Sigh. These two are a super pair and they really definitely belong together. Gotta love that.

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