Amputee Ash Dominates Us All

July 17, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Obey Ash!

Amputee Ash is an amateur porn performer who makes a lot of different video clips for her loyal legion of fans and in this one, she is a pissed off dominatrix. She looks super fine in that leather harness with those pasties covering her nipples. She has latex pants that lace up the sides and we get to see her metal prosthetic leg. I love the chains on that belt of hers and how well they go with her prosthetic. She is so, so pretty and she is very mean in this.

She has the male viewers put their asses in the air and she uses her riding crop on their asses. She even uses her cane to beat the male viewer and damn, that thing is heavy and it looks like getting hit with that thing would fucking hurt a lot. There is a bunch of orgasm denial in this scene and with some hemp rope, she pretends to bind the male viewer for a while. She is just so fucking pretty. You totally should check out all of her work.

Click on the video above to watch more of Ash right now!

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