Keira Croft Shares Her Boyfriend With Their Roommate in Devil’s "Becuming Bi-Sexual"

July 17, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Beautiful Bi Fun!

Super sexy Keira Croft and her boyfriend Wolf Hudson have just had a new roommate move into their place in their new scene together in Devil's Film's "Becuming Bi-Sexual" on Adult Time's Devil's Film channel directed by AVN Hall of Famer Jim Powers. Hot gay bodybuilder Draven Navarro loves living with the couple and he even takes Hudson to his favorite gay bar on a boys night out. There, Hudson sucks his very first cock and he is really conflicted about letting Croft know about it.

Croft ends up seeing Hudson sucking Navarro's cock when she is supposed to be at the grocery store getting steaks for a cookout. Rather than be all mad about what she sees, she asks the men to have a threeway with her and she wants to see Hudson live out his bisexual desires as part of it. Hudson is stunned by her being so cool with all of this but Navarro told him ahead of time that she would be. The threeway action from there is all kinds of hot and Croft gets plenty of attention from the hung men.

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