Pube Grooming Fun!

July 12, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Bush Maintenance!

Pube maintenance is a regular part of a woman's life and this lovely amateur porn performer goes with a landing strip for her pussy. She takes herself on out of her really awesome pajama bottoms and she shows us that she has some stubble. Oh, no! The horror! She uses a pink electric trimmer/shaver to take care of her shaving business and she does a quick job of it, trying to get rid of the majority of the stubble that she has growing.

I am not a fan of dry shaving, personally because I get stubble and ingrown hairs if I shave dry like that. For me, it is a shower activity with shaving cream and a razor. Both Joanna Angel and I swear up and down by Coochy products for the whole pubic hair removal process. This hottie definitely has a pretty little pussy and I enjoyed watching her share this self maintenance moment with us.

What are your thoughts on the whole pubic hair thing? How do you prefer that a pussy is groomed? Full bush? Bald? Landing strip? What do you like?

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