An Exclusive Interview with Streamate SuzySirenXO

July 9, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by bustintheroux

The sexy SuzySirenXO is a playful cam model who loves tattoos, coloring her hair, and obviously posing naked for all of her adoring fans. This busty babe is a cam girl to get to know and luckily she talked with Fleshbot to answer some questions about her careers and what turns her on. She talked more about these things on this week's episode of the Mr. Skin Podcast which we highly suggest listening to. Get some foreplay for that episode by reading her answers right here:

FLESHBOT: How did you get into cam modeling?
SUZYSIRENXO: I had seen little bits about it as I browsed porn on the internet and thought, 'oh hey….I could do that!' I’m occasionally sexy, decently funny, and always down to have a good time discussing all sorts of things from vanilla to kink and all the fun tidbits in between the two!

FB: How do you prepare for a day of camming?
SS: I start my day off with a shower and a cup of coffee. Two if I’m feeling really asleep still. Some days I put in an hour on prep for cam, some days its 5-10 minutes. With me, you never know what flavor of Suzy you’re going to happen upon on a particular day.

FB: Any other cam models that you follow or inspire you?
SS: I follow lots of cam people on twitter and social media. I love getting to know the people within the community that I’m a part of. I especially love seeing cam girls who bring something more than just the pure out sex factor to the table. My tits are grand, but my personality and creative sides aren’t too shabby either. :wink:

FB: What's the strangest request you've received during a cam show?
SS: I had someone ask me to pour Ketchup in my hair during a show and rub it on my chest….I’m still not really sure about that whole situation.

FB: Most popular requests?
SS: My most popular requests are simulated blowjobs, jerk off instructions, and humiliation. I kind of love all three!

FB: Do you interact with your fans on social media?
SS: Heck yeah I do! Power to the people.

FB: Who are your celebrity crushes?
SS: Halsey and Josh Katz (lead singer from Badflower).

FB: Do you have a favorite nude or sex scene from a Hollywood movie?
SS: My favorite sex scene is totally from the Notebook. The part where Noah and Allie come in after the boat ride in the rain and they’re soaking wet and just…..lose themselves together. I’m a romantic….CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

Instagram & Twitter: SuzySirenXO

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Listen to the latest episode of the Mr. Skin Podcast here:

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