You Have to See Midsommar Star Florence Pugh Naked

July 8, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by bustintheroux

Florence Pugh is having a moment right now. The British actress with honey blonde hair, pouty lips, and an insanely hot hourglass figure is in everything. We're not kidding. Everywhere you turn right now there's Pugh to make you spew. And spew you will after seeing her naked.

The star of the disturbing horror film Midsommar doesn't show that much skin in the A24 film, but she's done plenty of stripping onscreen in the past. We have to show you because her boobs are some of the best in the game. In the show Marcella, Florence showed off her perky fun bags complete with pert nipples. Yes, a knife is being held to her chest, but we're distracted by her breasts.

Her nipples are always perky, too. It must always be cold on set...or Florence is always genuinely turned out. We saw her incredibly pokie nips when she undressed in last year's Outlaw King.

Check out more of Florence Pugh's nude scenes on Mr. Skin. Trust us, there's much more where this came from.

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