Ms. Chocolitt Is Oiled Up and Super Sexy

July 8, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Ms. Chocolitt Is Super Sweet!

Amateur porn performer Ms. Chocolitt hails from Detroit, Michigan and she has quite the very, very, VERY natural and large rack that she shares with the people of the internet. This is extremely generous of her and holy fuck, her tits are enormous and fucking lovely. She has beautiful hair and a super sweet smile that comes to her face quickly here. She has a huge bottle filled with baby oil and to start things off, she sucks on it a bit like it is a cock, maybe? I just think that it would probably taste awful but it is definitely a nice gesture to suck on that for us.

She goes on from there to slick her body down with that oil. She naturally takes plenty of time to make sure that that her jugs are absolutely coated with the oil and she also gives us a great view of her nice ass while she covers her backside in oil too. She plays with her pussy standing up for a bit but mostly this is all about her showing us those big tits of hers in motion.

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