Wood Rocket’s “Aladdick”: Musical Will Show You A Whole New World

May 23, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Rub That Lamp!

Wood Rocket has released a brand new porn musical over at Pornhub and Pornhub Premium. "Aladdick" is the live-action, hardcore musical parody of Disney's animated and now live action "Aladdin" and yeah, it has its very own blue genie. If you have not seen Wood Rocket's "Hamiltoe", you need to check it out. This company does the whole porno musical thing right.

Here's a plot summary of this new musical from a press release: "When Princess Jizzman goes looking for a prince to satisfy her royal genitals, she comes across Aladdick over and over again. With the help of his Vagenie and flying carpet, he disguises himself as Prince All D. But will evil Jafuck, screw him over? Find out in Aladdick."


"Aladdick" stars April O'Neil, Donnie Rock, Daisy Ducati, Tommy Pistol, AJ, Nikki Sequoia and Will Tile as the blue skinned magical being Vagenie. It was written and directed by Lee Roy Myers.

Pornhub Premium has an extended version of the sex and music in this wannabe Disney classic production and well, I think this very well could be the porn classic that we all deserve.

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