Five Ways That Game of Thrones Made Brothels Sexier Than Ever By Dena, Madam of Sheri’s Ranch

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If you are craving your very own Game Of Thrones experience after seeing what is happening in Westeros in the season premiere last night, I have a legal and very hot answer for you. Sheri's Ranch in Nevada offers its customers a fine as heck legal brothel experience and they even cater specifically to Game Of Thrones fans who want to pretend to be king for a day. Here's Dena, the madam of Sheri's Ranch sharing her thoughts on how Game Of Thrones has helped her business out.


When the HBO original series Game of Thrones first aired in April of 2011, it changed the media landscape forever. Introducing audiences to fantastic and dangerous realms replete with political intrigue, epic battles, and horrifying creatures, where even the lead characters viewers are coaxed into loving can be violently and unexpectedly taken from us in the blink of an eye. Game of Thrones made it clear that it was going to give audiences a new viewing experience that was fresh, smart, bold, and very, very sexy. Rated TV-MA, the equivalent of an “R” rating in film, Game of Thrones is definitely an adult-themed show featuring some of the hottest sex scenes in TV history, with many of these explicit encounters taking place in brothels owned by one of the series’ most pivotal characters, bordello entrepreneur Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish.

As a madam in a real-life licensed brothel near Las Vegas, I’m very grateful that Game of Thrones featured brothels as some of the program’s key settings over the years. The fictional sex dens of Westeros helped enhance the notoriety of actual brothels in Nevada, the only state in the USA where prostitution is legal, and played a part in boosting our business for nearly a decade. As Game of Thrones enters its final season, I’d like to pay tribute to Littlefinger’s marvelous bawdy houses and suggest five ways that Game of Thrones made brothels sexier than ever.

Real sex workers were featured in Game of Throne’s brothels

The brothels in Game of Thrones were filled with gorgeous men and women, but these sexy denizens weren’t just extras – there were often actual sex industry performers such as porn stars Samantha Bentley, Maisie Dee, Sahara Knite, and Sibel Kekilli, who was prominently featured in several episodes as Tyrion Lannister’s lover, Shae. Game of Thrones does a great service to the sex industry by celebrating sex workers, rather than shunning and stigmatizing them, and giving them an opportunity to be seen by a massive viewing audience. Kudos to the show’s producers for allowing sex workers an opportunity to appear in mainstream media and further legitimize their brand and their life choices.

The brothels of Westeros aren’t just for men

As evidenced in the classic scene from season four featuring Oberyn Martell and Ellaria Sand’s steamy tryst in Littlefinger’s brothel, the brothels in Game of Thrones cater to men, women, and couples – just like the real-life brothels in Nevada. In a 2017 review of the brothel I manage, we discovered that 78% of customers were men, 7% were women, and 15% were couples. The number of women visiting brothels in Nevada has been increasing just about every year since I started in the business over a decade ago. Game of Thrones, by showing women not only as sex workers but also as distinguished sex buyers, may have inadvertently been responsible for the uptick in women visiting the brothels of the Silver State.

An advertisement for orgies

Game of Thrones is famous for numerous gratuitous and racy sex scenes that feature all manner of carnal opportunities, not the least of which are threesomes and orgies, usually featuring Game of Thrones’ most notable playboy, Theon Greyjoy, in the earlier seasons of the show. Unlike in Westeros, real world threesomes and orgies can be tricky to plan and organize, and they’re often a rarity for the average single or couple navigating their way through sexual society. Luckily, like in Westeros, a brothel takes all of the guesswork out of organizing its customers’ threesomes and orgies. It’s no coincidence that many of our customers that also happen to be Game of Thrones fans visit our brothel to indulge in a no-frills encounter with multiple gorgeous women and live out their Theon Greyjoy-style fantasies.

A fantasy for adults

Game of Thrones is a fantasy series made primarily for adults, and many grown-ups want to live out their Game of Thrones fantasies at establishments that cater exclusively to adults and their erotic desires. Role-play is something that the sex workers of Nevada’s brothels are very well-versed in, and ever since Game of Thrones first started to gain immense popularity, the Westeros-themed role-play requests started to pour in. Game of Thrones is rife with role-play material that sparks the naughty imagination of fans with a wide variety of sexual proclivities. Do you enjoy erotic humiliation? How about a “walk of shame” through our brothel’s courtyard while the other courtesans look on. Do you have a Jaime and Cersei incest fantasy that you’re itching to role-play? Our ladies can help you manifest it. Game of Thrones, with its endlessly enticing taboos and sexual scenarios, is practically a cottage industry for us here at the real-life brothel.

Just another legitimate business

Sex work is a legitimate occupation, but unfortunately, in the real world, all forms of sex work are not legal. Aside from in a score of licensed brothels in Nevada, prostitution is criminalized throughout of the United States. While the treatment of prostitutes in Game of Thrones leaves a lot to be desired (to say the least), there’s a lot to be said for the show’s depiction of brothels as overwhelmingly lawful businesses that play a necessary role in society. Perhaps we can learn a lot from the way brothels are depicted in Game of Thrones: legitimate businesses that provide a highly desirable service to men, women, and couples longing for intimacy and erotic gratification. This description sounds very familiar to me. The women I work with are empowered businesswomen in a licensed and safe establishment that discreetly cater to the intimate needs of our amazing clients. If only the rest of the USA can be a little more like our little slice of Westeros here in Nevada.


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