Annie Curves Squirts For Her Girlfriend

April 11, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Sexy Squirter!

British BBW amateur porn performer Annie Curves is the star of this clip and it is a pretty awesome clip. Curves is not alone here. Her girlfriend is shooting the action and while the girlfriend watches, Curves uses her battery operated vibrator on full speed inside of herself. She gives herself a good hard, self fucking with her girlfriend's hand entering the frame once to touch her sweetheart's thigh which is kinda sweet if you take a moment to think about that gesture.

The squirting that happens here is not the extreme porno kind. Yeah, that kind of squirting is really pretty much reserved only for porn sets because most women who squirt do not send streams of fluid across the room. They do more of what you see here, the clear fluid and a whole bunch of it that appears after an orgasm. The orgasms she has in front of her girlfriend and us are the very real deal and that is a very cool thing. Gotta love all that naked honesty on display, you know?

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