Gia Derza Get Fucked By Her TV Star Boss Luna Star in Sweetheart’s "Lesbian Analingus"

April 11, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Sexy Time Alone With The Boss!

Personal assistant Gia Derza is going on the vacation that her telanovelas superstar boss Luna Star is taking in their scene together in Sweetheart Video/Mile High Media's "Lesbian Analingus 13" directed by Ricky Greenwood. It is a tropical paradise around them but Derza is still working while she is there. The resort mistakenly but the two women in one room and Star is not that happy about it, given what the paparazzi could assume from the sleeping arrangements.

Star flounces around the suite in and out of her clothing, acting like a diva. Derza is used to the diva behavior but what makes Derza feel uneasy is how distant feeling Star has been. It turns out that Star has been wanting to bed Derza down and have some lesbian fun with her. Derza is nervous about all of this but does not turn down her gorgeous boss' advances. This scene and entry in the series is all about lesbian ass licking and wow, both of these two look fucking luscious getting their bungs tongued with their asses in the air.

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