Fleshtunes: The Penny Barber Edition

April 10, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Penny Always Pleases!

Fabulous porn/fetish star Penny Barber was nice enough to send over her Fleshtunes in celebration of a new contest she is having. Just sign up for her site TabooView.com or be a current member, or buy $30 worth of TabooRolePlay.com clips. Then, email proof of receipt for clips purchased or a screenshot of her membership page, and send it to pennybarbercontest@gmail.com. The contest starts today and runs through April 30th. On May 1st, she will draw from all the entries received and announce the winners via social media and will also email them. In the meantime, enjoy her music!

"Fly" by Blind Guardian: This is a great song to get pumped to. I was lucky enough to see Blind Guardian play twice, including on their last American tour.

"The Bunny Song" by Ken Ashcorp: I went to Christian school and, hence, was exposed to Veggie Tales as a kit, which I actually liked. Finding that Ken Ashcorp had recorded erotic, furry cover of this song filled me with, well, perverse glee. My husband and I do a lot of bunny play, so I've had sex to this weird little song dozens of times.

"Love Me Again" by CRX: Yes, it's a fun, chill song, but the music video is basically porn for me. It's even POV style!

"Sentient" by Perturbator: I love the dark synthwave and the Satanic imagery in the music video perfectly compliments to the dark tone.

Disney's "The Enchanted Tiki Room":
My husband and I had a guerrilla wedding in Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room, so I'm sort of obligated to include this, but I do like it. I even have a custom framed record of it.

Follow Barber on Twitter because she is hella cool and here's what I am listening to right now. Hope you are having a super week!

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