We Have Pictures of Game of Thrones' Rose Leslie Naked!

April 10, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by bustintheroux

Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie is a gorgeous girl who can break hearts around the world. This Aberdeen native is an Aber-dream with her red hair and thin frame that she's shown off in Downton Abbey, Vera and, of course, the mega-hit Game of Thrones. So as we wait for the next season to premiere, we should celebrate Rose's bonnie boobs.

She didn't only undress in Game of Thrones. The actress doesn't mind showing up sexy on camera or taking off her clothes. In 2016's Sticky Notes the A-cup cutie also bore her perky nipples.


We definitely hope she isn't done getting naked on camera and we have a strong feeling she isn't! Why should she be? She looks incredible. If she's got it, she should flaunt it.

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