Cecilia Lion Is Harmony Wonder’s Lesbian Crush Over at All Girl Massage

April 9, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Harmony Is Crushed Out On Her Best Friend!

Gorgeous starlet with a whole lot of thick, gorgeous hair Cecilia Lion has just gotten back from going on a long brutal hike with her hot brunette BFF Harmony Wonder in their new scene together over at All Girl Massage directed by Billy Visual. They are about to be separated for the very first time as they are heading off to different colleges in the fall so they have each made bucket lists of things that they want to do together before things change in their lives.

Lion has completed her list but Wonder has one last item left on hers and that is to tell Lion how much she has fallen in love with her. During some mutual massage, Wonder learns that Lion feels just the same way about her. Some very sweet, hot lovemaking and pussy licking follows with these two enthusiastically getting each other off the way that they always have wanted to. They look incredible together and wow, Lion gets off a ton here from Wonder's fine licking and rubbing here.

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