Five Reasons Why I Loved Starring in "Girls Kissing Girls", by Verronica Kirei

April 8, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Verronica Is Verry Into Samantha!

Gorgeous all-girl performer Verronica Kirei stars in Sweetheart Video/Mile High Media's "Girls Kissing Girls 23" directed by Ricky Greenwood. Kirei plays a business woman who is having an affair with her executive assistant Samantha Hayes. Here is what Kirei loved about making this movie.


"Sweetheart Video is a quality company to work for; I love that sets are always professional and fun."

"It was my first time working with Ricky Greenwood. I really enjoyed his energy and directing style. He is such a sweetie!"

"I love the scene itself. The passion and intensity that Samantha and I shared is real and it shows!"

"It's so much fun when directors let us just go crazy on each other. I feel like it makes the scene more real. The two times I have worked with Sweetheart Video my scenes have been like that so I really appreciate it!"

"Samantha is such a sexy woman and is amazing in bed. I love that we instantly connected and then got to enjoy each other’s bodies!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Sweetheart Video/Mile High Media. Follow Kirei on Twitter to keep up with all of her sexy porn star doings and click right here to watch "Girls Kissing Girls 23" right now!

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