Crystal Rush Dares To Sex Up Her Friend’s Son in Reality Junkies’ "Mommy Swap"

April 12, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Crystal Is A Sexy Mommy!

Sexy MILF Crystal Rush is drinking and hanging out with her adult son Jake Adams, her BFF Della Dane and Dane's son Chad Alva in Reality Junkies/Mile High Media's "Mommy Swap 2" directed by Robby D.. Neither the moms or the sons have been laid nearly enough and a "mommy swap" via a game of truth or dare is negotiated. A boozy and happy Dane heads off to satisfy Adams in another room and Rush agrees to give Alva a lap dance.

Super hot Rush is one sexy, sexy mommy and she is definitely shocked by all of this but she is a woman of her word so she goes along with pleasing Alva. He fucking adores her body here and he definitely gets her off well. I love watching her eyes widen as she gets off good and hard from the pussy fucking that she got. I love watching her get out of those jeans too. She is an absolute treat of a woman. He loves using his cock and his tongue to pleasure her and watching this beautiful woman get off is awesome.

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