Five Sex Tips From A Professional, by Alice Little

April 6, 2019 | Posted in Celebrity by holly-kingstown

Alice Will Tell You What To Do!

Professional "luxury companion" Alice Little sent some sex tips over for Fleshbot readers and she is considered by many to be the most successful legally working prostitute at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada. She hosts an entertaining and informative weekly vidcast "Coffee With Alice" where she talks about the misconceptions around sex work and tries to pass along great information about sex in general. Little rules.


"Performing foreplay on a woman is all about pacing. When a woman is near plateau, her pain and touch sensitivity completely changes, just as it also does AFTER sex. Timing is everything."

"If you want oral sex to truly be enjoyable for a woman, don't rush it. Ten minutes is a LONG time if you are watching the clock, but to give enough time to a woman for her arousal cycle to move from phase to phase."

"If your partner is responding positively to something you are doing, DON'T STOP DOING IT or CHANGE it.. Don't do it harder, don't do it faster, don't add a finger, don't change the pace or intensity or location at all. It is an incredibly frustrating experience, speaking as a woman, to say "Yes, just like that!" and 10 seconds later the technique changes!"

"You should always be slowly increasing stimulation, never decreasing.. Speed, intensity, and location should always be either maintained or slowly be increased. If you increase it SLOWLY ENOUGH you'll make her climax and still have lots of room to increase intensity, which means you can give her multiple orgasms in a row."

"Modify existing positions to better reach stimulating positioning and friction. Next time you're in missionary or have her legs up, put a pillow under her buttocks. This will tilt her pelvis up so that you can be much deeper when you penetrate her, and it will let you hold your body against her clitoris while you move up and down against her. You get deep penetration with less friction, it will take you much longer to orgasm, and she gets direct clitoral stimulation and feels deep penetration. If there was proper foreplay, it will drive her over the edge."

Visit her website for more on her world.


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