Twenty Questions with Shape Of Beauty Star Mischievous Kitty

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This Kitty Purrs!

BBW starlet Mischievous Kitty stars in a brand new lesbian scene with Estelle Bathory over at Adult Time's Shape Of Beauty channel. The scene is directed by Bree Mills and you can get to know Kitty right here!



What kind of girl were you back in high school? Who did you hang out with/date?

"I was very goth in high school and kinda stuck to my own little crew of misfits that didn’t fall into any category but I guess that’s what gave me intrigue as I dated the most popular boys in high school, ha ha. Everyone was super jealous when I was the first one to date the captain of the wrestling team."

Were you a porn fan before you got into the industry? Who were your favorite porn stars/favorite porn movies?

"Before I got into the industry, I watched porn on the down low at the dark of night under all of my blankets trying not to make a sound – I was hella boring but I loved massage room porn and my favorite was anything George Uhl was in."

What kind of scene have you found is your favorite kind to do so far?

"Actually through being in porn, I’ve come to realize just how submissive I am in the bedroom so any scene where at the very least my hair gets pulled is a scene with an orgasm from me, ha ha."

What/who do you want to do on-camera that you haven’t done yet?

"This is a very long list. At the top two though, I’d love to work with Angela White and Mick Blue!"

Who is your favorite performer to work with so far and why?

"I’ve loved working with absolutely everyone I have had the chance to work with so far but my favorite has been JB for my PlumperPass beach scene because he was the first one to open me up to rougher sex and show me some things I never knew about myself."

You respond to your fans a lot on Twitter. What do you like most about talking to your fans on social media?

"To me, the whole aspect of having fans is insane so when I see people interacting on my social media, I get so excited because it’s not a concept I grew up knowing. I was never the popular kid. I was in the shadows most of my life so having this following especially because coming into this industry, I had very low self confidence and didn’t think that anyone would like me and now I’m in shock and awe at all the fans that are supportive and keep me going day to day. So, I guess just knowing they’re there is amazing."

How did you become a porn performer? What led you down that career path?

"Actually, this is kind of a sad story. I was working a full time gas station job – which I of course hated- when I got an awful phone call from my grandmother, telling me my mom was hit by a car. Thankfully, she was mostly okay and didn’t break anything but taking care of her became too much with a full time job so I quit and started using up all of my savings while searching for a more flexible job. I found the wonderful world of working from home and started with transcription services- which I quit very quickly as you make no money from that ha ha. After some more searching, I came to an article about webcam modeling, did some research and jumped right in!"

What do you most want to achieve in the industry?

"While I want to be the person who says I want better for everyone and to uplift this industry to new heights and all the other stuff most people say to this question, honestly I just want to get my shit together and learn how to organize myself better. Though once I’ve achieved that and have my own life together and in order, I’d love to work on inclusivity in this industry. I talk a lot about this being the only industry where discrimination against what you look like is totally fine – and while I agree that some people aren’t right for some scenes, I think there needs to be more inclusivity when it comes to more mainstream porn and the talent that is cast. We're in 2019, it’s time for some change, we don’t need to keep doing the same things we did 20 years ago."

What is one thing you would teach a woman who wanted to be a better sexual partner?

"Communicate! Talk! Conversate! So many women in particular have a shyness when it comes to sex and being able to speak up about what we like and what we don’t like and 90% of the time, we lay back and let the guy do his thing. If we want sexual pleasure, we need to learn to speak up about it and know how to have that conversation with your partner."

What do you love most about being in porn?

"The sex? I laugh about it sometimes and say the only reason I got into the industry is because I needed to get laid more often but in all honesty, the sex has been amazing and I’ve discovered so many things about myself through being in porn."

What do you think are “must-have” DVDs for your fans?

"Ummm.. all of them? Ha ha! If I had to pick one however, definitely Sensational Video's Hot Sexy Plumpers 51 – this contains the beach scene I spoke about earlier that changed my entire sex life!"

What do you like to do for fun?

"Most of my day is spent doing some form of sex work – whether I’m camming or editing or creating content I spend a lot of time behind the computer so it’s only natural that my favorite thing to do for fun and to relax is a computer game: World of Warcraft. I spend an unhealthy amount playing, ha ha!"

What are your favorite fetishes to explore on camera?

"Can I say all of them? Ha ha, I don’t think I have one specific fetish that I enjoy more than any other because I love every time I get to do something new and learn about a new fetish. My whole experience in the porn industry has been a learning one and every time I get a custom for something new, I get excited all over again."

Who are your role models in porn?

"I have a lot of people I look up to in porn but I would have to say at the top would be Jessica Lust; she’s one of the few people in this industry I call a true friend that has never let me down and she’s always doing something, and is one of the few BBWs in the industry that is shot by every BBW company. She’s very drama free and for that alone she’s my role model."

What is the best mainstream movie you have seen recently?

"I actually don’t watch movies much – I’m way more into TV shows. I think the last movie I actually took the time to go see was Deadpool 2 ha ha and it’s Deadpool so it’s gotta be the best, ha ha!"

How about the best porno movie? Is there someone whose movies you like to watch who is working now?

"'The Weight of Infidelity' was absolutely amazing. To put together something that is sexy but also has a huge impact on how we look at something is truly something amazing it touches on so many topics that are not spoken about and it still manages to be hot. An amazing film with an amazing cast and story line for sure! Anything by Bree Mills is on my watch list. She’s got a way about telling a story through porn and making it hot at the same time that’s just absolutely mind blowing.

What is coming up for you?

"I finally got to work on a Bree Mills project and I have two scenes upcoming for Shape of Beauty which I’m very excited about as well as a scene for Plumper Pass that explores a dark fetish that I have that I’m excited to see the response to."

If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?

"I’d say Mark Wahlberg because I’ve had a crush on him forever but honestly I don’t think I’d want to just fuck him because if the sex wasn’t mind blowing I’d be really disappointed and sad so I think I’ll keep him in my spank bank and just imagine it’s amazing."

What single piece of advice would you give a brand new female performer?

"Control your content. Don’t depend on companies for your rent. The best person you can trust is yourself. Make your own content have your own website and use companies for exposure."

Is there anything you want to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?

"Thank you for your love and support and keep loving and supporting me so I can go further in this industry and grow more as a person. I love each and every single one of my supporters and it’s truly amazing how far I’ve gotten when this was never even supposed to be a full time job for me so thank you so much!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Adult Time. Click right here to watch Kitty's brand new Adult Time Shape Of Beauty scene right now!

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