Athena Rayne Gets Whored Out By Her Father Over at Pure Taboo

April 4, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

He Makes Daddy Watch!

Dick Chibbles is a bad gambler and his gambling debts have left him and his daughter Athena Rayne in a really bad way in their new scene over at Pure Taboo. Chibbles owes a lot of dangerous men way too much money and his gambling debts have lead him to the point where he is acting as Rayne's pimp to pay the debt off so that things do not get even worse than they are right now. She has already gotten fucked by three men today and she is tired but she spruces herself up for her next client.

Tommy Pistol is a first timer with Rayne and he has a very special plan for Rayne today. Oh, he is going to fuck Rayne's sweet, young pussy. He also wants to have a whole lot of rough, rough sex with Rayne while Chibbles watches the whole thing. Pistol is willing to pay top dollar to have Chibbles watch right there in the room while his darling daughter is defiled. Chibbles knows that he really needs the money and says that watching it all is no problem. Is it, really? Go watch all of this!

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