Fleshbot’s Sex Toy Of The Week: Sliquid’s Splash Balance Gentle Feminine Wash

April 6, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

Splash Your Vag!

After a good, hard fucking or even a really fervent solo sesh, a lady needs to clean her bits. Oh, I know I do. I mean, I can not just stay all dirty and covered in my/the world's fuck juices all the time! Sliquid's Splash Gentle Feminine Wash is an excellent choice for cleaning up after whatever sexy goings on you have had. It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic so it should not irritate your post-fuck flora and fauna which is not something you want to have happen from whatever soap/shower gel you are using to bathe yourself with.

This is a vegan friendly wash and it is designed to get rid of odor causing bacteria. I use the unscented one because I have super sensitive skin but this also comes in honeydew cucumber, grapefruit thyme and mango passion fragrances if you like to have a scented bathing experience. Splash is designed to match a woman's pH and it is made with coconut derivatives and sea salt to make it foam up. It is glycerine and paraben free and you really should give your pussy this nice, gentle wash.

Click right here to pick up a bottle of Splash Balance Gentle Feminine Wash right now!

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