Misstress Teen Roxie Loves Punishing Her Foot Slave

March 28, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


The Floor Is Still Dirty!

Sexy Australian blonde Misstress Teen Roxie has a lovely apartment overlooking the ocean and some tall trees but her porch, well, it is dirty and she is not happy about it. See, I would not stress out about the dirt under some chairs if I had a view like that to look at every day but I guess that is why I am nobody's "misstress". She walks around barefoot, getting the soles of her feet all dirty with the dirt that apparently her slave was supposed clean up. I wonder if he has a chore board with stars or stickers that get put on it when he does what he is supposed to do, which is probably everything.

Once she is on the couch, her slave is at the ready to be punished for not doing his chores like he was supposed to. His punishment is that he has to lick the soles of her dirty feet clean of all the dirt she got on them and then go clean that fucking floor like he was supposed to.

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