Sultry Eva Cuckolds Us All On Our Wedding Night

March 27, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Wedded Cuck Bliss!

Meet our bride/Aussie amateur porn performer Sultry Eva. She has married us and she is looking hot in her white lingerie but she has no intention of letting us fuck her. Nope, she has instead invited three of our best friends to come over and gangbang her while we watch. We might not be all that thrilled but hey, she never really did promise to let us fuck her, did she?, she most certainly did not.

She is down for letting us join in on this gangbang if we are down for sucking cock alongside of her. She might even let us be the cameraman of the whole affair or we could lick the creampies right up as they come on out of her. She is generous enough to be down for that all too. She wants to fuck her way around the world while we only get to watch and shoot it all but we will never, ever, ever get to fuck her pussy. She will have her perfect wedding night, though.

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