Five Reasons Why I Loved Starring in "Black Squirt", by Daizy Cooper

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Daizy Gets Super Soaked!

Gorgeous porn star Daizy Cooper stars in Elegant Angel's "Black Squirt 2" directed by L.T. where she does a super squirting with Prince Yahshua. Check out what she had to say about this movie!


"Well, as most people know by day and night, I'm some strange mix between 90s goth and riot girl fashion but on screen, I'm everyone's favorite rave/scene princess; I try to go as bright and colorful as I can. I add a lot of my kandi and chokers just so I don't feel like I'm not myself. my outfit for that shoot was an old rag from my Seventh Veil character 'Doll' for Saturday nights when I want her to look like a princess. I feel being like that makes me look extra perky and fun which is what people look for so it like I'm painting my guts on myself. The sun was shining so bright that day. In the hills, it's always where the sun kisses us the most because we're so close to it and it made the whole house and backyard glimmer. I was pretty amazed about the art everywhere and how my clothes meshed so well with it. I've shot there more than once and I still find myself taking selfies in random parts of the house; it's just too epic!"

"I worked with Prince Yahshua that day, which was pretty cool. I rarely get to work with people with 10+ years or more in the industry and that's hella important to me because I respect that so much. Before I first started all this, I was just an artist, writing, singing, snapping photos, dressing people. I still do it but I was also drawn to sexuality and camera sex art so once I got in, I made it my oath that if I'm gonna be here, I'm gonna stay here whether its content, mainstream, whatever, this is it! I also really wanna make it a thing to do more black on black porn. It's a category that's so like people put their noses in the air to but if you say you accept everyone and everyone is equal, we shouldn't just be used as a novelty or a speciality and we should be able to fuck each other to not just other races for rates. We're human too, no matter what color we are; that sucks!"

"L.T. is pretty rad. I respect his directing and what he's done behind the camera all these years, especially as a black man. You don't see that as much or at all so plain respect to him all the way!"

"It's so abnormal for me that I did a feature for squirting, I guess because I do it all the time! I discovered in my early teen years that I was a fountain and the way I found out was AWFUL!! I was masturbating on the countertop of my bathroom, my aunt was sleeping and my sister was playing video games. At that time, of course, as a kid or whatever, you can't openly ask your mom for a dildo so I'd use soap and perfume bottles! INSANE, RIGHT!?!? Anywho, I was masturbating and all of a sudden, I got this odd sensation and everything got really tight and my pussy would not let that bottle go so I somewhat yanked it out as gently as I could and WHOOSH, I gush everywhere. My first thought was 'did I just piss myself!?!?!?' I jumped down and began to try and clean it up with tissue which was a bad idea and it also woke my aunt up--total panic mode! But since that day, I've never stopped and it's such an amazing orgasm and feeling!"

"I love doing it on camera but in the bedroom is where I get shy. Some people aren't into it or into getting their sheets fucked up so I tend to hold it in but I always announce to them after that they were gonna make me find that a chip on their shoulder, I tell you, but it is all in good fun and huge props to them!!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Elegant Angel. Follow Cooper on Twitter to keep up with all of her very sex porn star doings and click right here to watch "Black Squirt 2" right now!

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