She Loves Getting Fisted!

March 20, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Married Fisting Bliss!

The happily married couple lives in Columbus, Ohio and they make amateur porn that is all about how they love how her pussy can accommodate a lot. Women are made to birth infants but yeah, the magic of how stretchy some women's vaginas are is pretty impressive and in my life experience, I have found that the tiniest women like this petite wife here can just open their insides way the heck up to take, say, a big bottle of a sleep aid beverage like she starts off doing here. Yum, tangerine dream!

From there, he starts just using the one hand to fuck her and then he gets to fisting. She really likes when he gets good and deep inside of her but at the beginning of the clip, he gets us all used to seeing his hand just going in and out of her. Her clit is hella sensitive and she does not seem all that into having it rubbed but she is down for taking both of his hands inside of her here. You, go, girl!

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