Jayne Capone’s New Body(suit) Is Bangin’!

March 14, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Jayne Loves Silicone!

Meet Jayne Capone from Las Vegas, Nevada. Sweet Capone is a dedicated crossdresser and Capone shares his/her/not sure what Capone's preferred pronoun is since Capone defines Capone's gender as "Other" without fine tuning that for the rest of the world anywhere on the bio section of the site. Capone likes to share the art of crossdressing with the world and here, we get to see the unboxing of a brand new silicone bodysuit that Capone has purchased to dress up for the world all pretty in.

The silicone bodysuit sports H cup tits and has a fantastic cock sheath with an opening in the suit's fake pussy for urination purposes. You apply talcum powder all over yourself so that it can absorb your sweat while you wear the very tight, form fitting suit which you can augment the curves of by using hip and ass pads to make yourself into the sweetest looking lady on the planet. You definitely need assistance getting in and out of this very tight suit. Fun stuff!

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