Darling Dear Is A Naughty Smoking Cheerleader

March 13, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Yay For Nicotine!

Darling Dear is an all American amateur porn performer/cam girl and here, we get to see a smoking clip that she has made. She is enthusiastically dressed like a cheerleader, missing only the white sneakers part of the ensemble and she chats up the camera about her imaginary and her real high school life while she lights up a cigarette and puffs away on that cig while we watch. The smoke looks really good at it leaves her lips and yeah, she definitely could pass as a very bad, cigarette smoking cheerleader who should not be smoking cigarettes but oh, she is and she does.

She confesses to not actually being a cheerleader back in high school and how she thought that those girls were always the coolest. The cheerleaders were definitely the "cool" girls at my high school too but I did not actually like them all that much. They were total cock teases for the most part, leaving the rest of us to dole out all the blowjobs as part of our high school experience. Ah, high school!

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