Lela Star Is An Out Of Control Fuck Robot Over at Brazzers

March 12, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

The BrazziBots Are On The Loose!

Xander Corvus and his frumpy wife are lounging and watching TV while their loyal BrazziBot Lela Star is doing all of her usual household duties in their new scene over at Brazzers. An emergency news bulletin comes on that starts talking about how early model BrazziBots just like Star have started going on hypersexual rampages. Sure enough, Star is one of those defective robots! Oh, no! Star splashes dirty mop water all over Corvus' wife so that she has to go clean herself up right away.

This gives Star access to her prime objective--getting herself all over Corvus' cock. There is only one way to stop a BrazziBot who wants sex and that is to give that BrazziBot exactly what they want. Robot Star is pleased as heck to be sucking Corvus' cock here and wow, Star's ass look so thick and good in this scene, especially when she is riding Corvus' cock. There are really a lot worse things you could have to experience in a lifetime than having to sate a sex robot like Star, I think.

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