Marie McCray Seduces Her Ex’s Hot Mom Serene Siren Over at All Girl Massage

March 11, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Serene Soothes It All With Lesbian Sex!

Upset teen Marie McCray shows up at Serene Siren's house when McCray's ex-boyfriend/Siren's son in not home in their new scene over at All Girl Massage directed by Billy Visual. It turns out that Siren's son has broken up with McCray and McCray's young heart is broken into a billion pieces. Siren remembers what it is like to be an emotionally vulnerable teenage girl so she jokes about how her son is a complete jerk. That truth gets a laugh from them both.

Siren is a masseuse and she runs her business out of her home. She invites young McCray to get on the table and get a free massage from her. Poor McCray is obviously so tense from being so angry and sad and getting a massage right now might help young McCray through her troubles. Of course, Siren just adores McCray's hot, young body and it turns out that McCray has had a big crush of her very own on super sexy Siren. McCray gets naked on the table and is the one who proposes taking their lust to the next level in this very hot pairing.

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