Alana Cruise Works A Joystick Brilliantly in Reality Junkies’ "Mommy Swap"

March 8, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Logan's Mom Gets Him Laid!

Super hot moms Alana Cruise and Lexi Foxy have just about had it with their loser douchebag sons in Reality Junkies/MIle High Media's "Mommy Swap 2" directed by Robby D.. Their sons Brad Knight and Logan Long are both total losers. They both sit on the couch all day long every day. Neither of them has jobs or girlfriends or really any kind of social lives to speak of. Their mothers even laugh about how their sons are probably virgins.

After a couple of glasses of wine, the MILFs come up with the idea to "mommy swap". Each woman is in need of getting laid and they both agree to fuck each other's sons. They know that both of these guys are virgins and they would rather that a friend take these losers' virginities than some skank at the strip club or something. Besides, these two get zero action from their place on the couches so getting them to get erection will be easy as pie. Cruise gets Long going easily by showing him her pretty ass. Go watch this movie!

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