Strict Wife Mia Gets Lots of Foot Worship

March 6, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Good Morning, Foot Lovers!

Strict Wife Mia is an amateur porn performer/mistress who lives in Cyprus and makes dirty movies for this world's consumption. Here, we get to see what her breakfast doings are like. She writes some things down and gets some reading done while her gimp hood wearing male submissive does a whole lot of foot worship on his mistress' feet. He is a busy, busy man. He must be a morning person.

He keeps his tongue and his fingers super busy worshiping Mia's pretty feet and he does this non-stop until Mia decides that she has had enough. It is interesting watching his tongue pop through the slit in the hood to get to her toes and he gets his tongue in between each toe during his very thorough foot worship. Eventually, Mia decides that her sub should eat some breakfast so she just scrapes some eggs and what looks like potatoes into a dog dish for him to munch away on. He eats away, now fueled and ready for whatever their day will bring.

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