Top 10 Nude Stars of March 2019’s Films

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Ever since 300 set the box office on fire in March, 2006, movie studios have positioned the month as a time for blockbusters as well as indie fare. Thankfully these films all often star women who have done nudity on screen before, so let's take a look at the Top 10 actresses with nude scenes who appear in movies opening in the month of March, 2019!

10. Rachael Taylor in The Loft

Tasmania native Rachael Taylor co-stars in the upcoming heist flick Finding Steve McQueen (opening 3/15), but if you want to see this Tasmanian devil without her clothes on, check her out in 2015's The Loft!


9. Isabelle Huppert in Heaven's Gate

French cinema legend Isabelle stars in the latest film from Neil Jordan, Greta (opened on 3/1), but we're still hung up on Ms. Huppert's amazing nude scenes from the notorious 1980 flop Heaven's Gate.


8. Vera Farmiga in Down to the Bone

Indie darling Vera Farmiga co-stars in the high concept sci-fi flick Captive State (opening on 3/15), but she'll have you in a captive state with her incredible topless scene from the acclaimed 2004 film Down to the Bone.


7. Jenny Gabrielle in Sweetwater

New Mexico native Jenny Gabrielle didn't get the hype that he co-star January Jones got for her fantastic full frontal scene in the western Sweetwater, but this weekend, she'll be starring in another western, The Kid (opening on 3/8), directed by Vincent D'Onofrio.


6. Julianne Moore in Chloe

Julianne is also in theaters this weekend in Gloria Bell (opening on 3/8), Chilean director Sebastián Lelio's English language remake of his 2013 film Gloria, and Julianne goes topless four times in the flick. We love Julianne's legendary cougar/kitten scene from 2009's Chloe with co-star Amanda Seyfried also going nude!


5. Sofia Boutella in Atomic Blonde

Sofia Boutella leads the ensemble in Gaspar Noé's latest provocation, Climax (opened on 3/1), but to get the skinny on this Algiers native, check out her topless lesbian tryst with Charlize Theron in 2017's Atomic Blonde!


4. Elisabeth Moss in Top of the Lake

Elisabeth Moss co-stars in the latest horror film from Oscar-winning writer and director Jordan Peele, Us (opening on 3/22), but you'll want to catch her many nude scenes from the miniseries Top of the Lake, the first place we saw Ms. Moss in the buff!


3. Keira Knightley in A Dangerous Method

Keira's back in another period piece in next weekend's The Aftermath (opening on 3/15), though she confirmed in an interview that she used a body double for that film's nude scenes. Thankfully she did not use a body double when she went tits out for a kinky spanking in David Cronenberg's A Dangerous Method.


2. Brie Larson in Tanner Hall

Oscar winner Brie Larson flies into theaters this weekend as the titular Captain Marvel (opening on 3/8), but you'll want to marvel at the actress' only nude scene to date when she slipped a nip 49 minutes into 2009's Tanner Hall.


1. Eva Green in The Dreamers

Eva becomes the latest statuesque brunette beauty to muse for Tim Burton in his live action adaptation of Dumbo (opening on 3/29), but you'll go absolutely ape for her incredible nude debut in 2003's The Dreamers.


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