Checking In with Burning Angel "Insomniac" Star Aiden Ashley

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Don't Sleep On "Insomniac"!

Aiden Ashley plays the lead role in Burning Angel's "Insomniac", the site's newest feature release directed by and also starring AVN Hall of Famer Joanna Angel. It releases on DVD on March 18th but you can watch it on the Burning Angel website right now. Ashley's character wanders the streets alone at night where she runs into Angel who offers her a very hard to pass up money-making opportunity at a very exclusive club.

“I’m so proud of this movie. It’s dark and intense and once I came up with the idea (oddly enough- it came to me on a night that I couldn’t sleep) the whole thing kinda wrote itself,” Angel said of "Insomniac" in a Burning Angel press release. “The styling, the script and the editing all went hand-in-hand to create a truly dark and twisted roller coaster, where you don’t want to blink and miss any second of it.”

The series also stars Carmen Caliente, Lola Fae and Katrina Jade with AVN Hall of Famer Steve Holmes, Small Hands and Tommy Pistol. You really should check this dark, moody feature on out.


Hello! So how are you, Aiden? How are things going?
"Doing fan-fucking-tastic."

Congrats on starring in the new web series "Insomniac" over at Burning Angel! Your new scenes over there are super hot and very compelling. What did you enjoy most about performing this role?
"I loved being able to have a role that I truly relate to. This is me. I live for when the sun goes down; everything is so much more colorful then. This feels like my real life- wandering the dark alleys of Hollywood in middle of the nights--just ask Joanna! ;) She never gives me an early call time. Ha ha!"

Is the hardcore sex you have in this something that you enjoy a lot of in your personal life or is it something that you save more for your performing life?
"Ha! I have way more sex in my real life."

What did you find most challenging about performing in this?
"Having to leave set after we wrapped. I like to live in that fantasy and disconnect from the real world."

What do you enjoy most about working for Burning Angel?
"Is this even a real question? Duh, Joanna."

Your scenes are consistently super. What do you think is the most important factor in making a great porn scene?
"I just make it real. I fuck on camera how I do in real life. I shake and move a lot which is 'bad for camera' but it’s real for me and I won’t change it. Luckily, Mike Quasar is a wizard behind the camera and he can dance with me on that."

How was working with Small Hands in this?
"He’s amazing from his acting to his fucking--he does not a bad bone in his body. Ha, get it, 'bone'. Yeah, OK, I’m delirious."

What are you proudest of about how this came out?
"Everything. Absolutely everything. This is the best movie of my career. Hands down."

So what else is coming up for you?
"I’m currently on a music tour but when I return, I have 5 more movies booked already. You will be seeing a lot of me this year."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"Thank you for loving me for just being me. It’s never going to change. I have done this my own way since day one and I am so happy that people are finally noticing. :)"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Burning Angel. Click right here to watch Burning Angel's "Insomniac" right now!

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