Julia Softdome Has Some CBT Fun with Her Sub

March 5, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Julia Just Loves Control!

Meet Julia Softdome and her penis-owning submissive. Softdome just loves controlling her submissive's orgasms and who can blame her? She sits on top of her man's chest and releases his cock from the Lucite cage that she has kept it in. I fucking love the look of these type of chastity devices and I love this kind of play a ton. There is something so hot about controlling a man's orgasm and wow, Softdome loves doing it.

She uses lube to get his cock all slick and uses her hands to get him nice and hard. I freaking love using my hands to get a man good and hard. It is just so visually satisfying and hot as fuck to look at. Softdome does a whole lot of edging on her sub and I really can't blame her. Holy fuck, that looks like so much fun to do. She takes that edging very seriously and he only gets to cum when she is down for it.

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