Zoey Taylor and Quinn Wilde Go For A Girl/Girl Pillow Fight Over at Twistys

March 5, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Feathers Fly and Lust Ensues!

Hottie Zoey Taylor is quietly reading a book and hanging in bed with her lovely and feisty girlfriend Quinn Wilde in their new scene together over at Twistys. Taylor is completely engrossed by her book but Wilde is super bored and wants all of Taylor's attention. She offers to braid Taylor's pretty hair but Taylor is not into having that done because she just wants to read her book. Wilde then tries to tickle Taylor but Taylor is not into that bit of fun, either.

A pillow fight is what gets Taylor's nose out of her book and wow, this is quite the pillow fight! Feathers fly everywhere and the two laugh and giggle. All that fake aggression stimulates some very real lust and lesbian sex ensues from there. These two look super hot together and I love the tribbing that they get into. Man, they love grinding away on each other on that bed covered in white feathers. They each love undressing each other as part of the foreplay and the pussy licking between these two is some seriously fine stuff.

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