Check Out This Solo Piss Play Fun!

March 4, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Pussy and Pee Play!

This couple goes by "Da Package" and they talk about liking "messy" play. Good for them. We get a look at what they are into in this video clip and well, if this is your thing, you will enjoy this. The lady in this Package has lovely, big tits with pierced nipples and she sticks her naked bottom half in the air so that we all can see her rub her pretty pussy. She plays with her pussy a whole bunch and she gives her asshole a bit of attention.

After a while, we get to see her clit grow from all of this attention and then it is time for the water works. She does not have a full bladder for this. She just keeps herself bent over in front of the couch and she lets the urine on out of herself and onto what looks like a puppy training pad that is waiting to receive her pee on the floor. She definitely is a looker. Wonder what else this couple is into?

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