Slutty Sami Loves Cuckolding Us in POV

March 1, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Sami Hates Our Dicks!

Meet Slutty Sami. She is a New York based BBW amateur porn performer who takes on the fetish of cuckolding here in this clip. She is getting fucked by a man in a charming tee and we never get to see him penetrate her or anything during this clip but Sami tells us all nonetheless about how much our cocks just could not ever satisfy her and what were we all thinking in that we could ever pleasure her with what we are all packing?

She has great tits and she loves getting them played with while the t-shirt wearing guy fucks her hard. The orgasms that she has here are most definitely a thing as she can not seem to keep the cucking going while she gets off hard on getting fucked in doggie. Cuckolding is such a interesting fetish. The need for a better or prettier or sexier person than you telling you how you are never going to be worthy of them is some heady stuff to absorb and masturbate to.

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