5 Things I Loved About Being the Lust in "Love & Lust", by Courtney Trouble

February 27, 2019 | Posted in Editorial Features by holly-kingstown

You're Gonna "Love & Lust" Courtney's DP!

Sexy BBW performer/producer/director Courtney Trouble does a stunning double penetration in her new scene with Sinn Sage and Sage's other half Drake Man O'War in Sinn Sage Studios/Trouble Films' "Love & Lust". Go check it out!

"OK it is a little bit of a joke that I am 'the lust', because Sinn and I have known each other longer than Sinn and Drake so that's kinda funny - we both said 'I actually Love You, I actually love you too' at the end of the scene, when Drake went off to go shower and let us have our little moment. I'm really impressed by Drake's respect for the queer girl on girl moments that happened so often during the performance. I actually don't know if I can call it a performance. I mean, I genuinely wanted to see what would happen with Sinn's idea to stick two dicks inside my cunt. It was more of a Real Life Sex experience, but with all of the trappings of a mainstream porn 3Way."

"I did that, I fucking did that! The human body is an amazing thing. Sinn Sage has always been a cheerleader for getting things inside me In our threeway with Chelsea Poe, she convinced Chelsea Poe to hold her hand and co-fist me. So I see how Sinn had faith in my vagina to take not only her strap on cock, but also her husband's cock. I just had to trust her and get inspired by her. I actually wasn't prepared for how hard I came and then literally demanded that the same thing happen all over again and I came AGAIN, JUST as hard. I went totally feral. I had no idea I could get that intimate on set actually - my face was beet red. It really, um, readjusted my personal expectations for my porn performances and made me excited for the future. I'll put it that way."

"With a threesome, it is always a good idea to have multiple camera people. Luckily, we were in Vegas during the AVN Awards so we had our pick of the litter and I went with my friends and personal favorites, Rae Threat and Chelsea Poe. I just didn't want to risk it with anyone else. I think the way the photos came out and the way the video looks, you really see what having a good artist behind the lens can do with a porn scene. It's hardcore, real fucking, explicit gonzo porn - but it's GORGEOUS. It was so good I was able to actually make a color version and a black and white version - so when you buy the film from troublefilms.com or realqueerporn.com - you get two versions. I think the black and white one is even more explicit!"

"Actually, all of us own a little part of this scene. Even the crew benefits from each sale we make on TROUBLEfilms.com. Sinn and I conceptualized this as a singular scene, but with the collective attitude and capabilities we were able to elevate it to featurette level without really needing a studio. In a lot of ways, this group of artists *is* the studio. We have just re-framed it as collectively-made work and personally, owning a percentage of my boy/girl scenes is something I value a lot as a queer performer who goes out of my usual comfort zone to do these kinds of scenes. No company has been able to match what I've been able to give myself for doing mainstream level scenes. I'd love to see them try, though. I want to be going boy/girl scenes at the highest level so this is all just a process for me. I'm enjoying every second of the journey."

"Oh wow this is gonna sound conceited, but I look AMAZING in this movie!!! My hair is the perfect shade of rose gold, somewhere between blonde and pink but you just can't decide. My hair was finally long enough to get into pigtails which is exciting in and of itself, but being able to do my favorite porno hairdo on a scene of this level is a real moment for me. I'm also wearing a FentyXSavage marabou robe that I had been coveting for over a year. I don't care HOW cheesy maribou is, that was my bliss being followed right there. I couldn't wait to do a scene in that damn robe and even now when I watch the final product, I STILL want that robe - how is that possible? This bratty, pretty, high femme, flirty, blushy little whore baby persona is, it IS, 'Courtney Trouble'. I hope people see this and like it as much as I do. I felt so comfortable in this role, and I do hope people notice the 'Dyke' necklace swinging back and forth while drool from my mouth coats Drake's cis dick and Sinn's silicone strap-on with magical queer goodness. That's me."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Sinn Sage Studios/Trouble Films. Follow Trouble on Twitter to keep up with all of her sexy porno doings and click right here to watch "Love & Lust" right now!

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