Gianna Dior Gets A Sexy Rubdown From Masseuse BFF Darcie Dolce Over at All Girl Massage

February 27, 2019 | Posted in Lesbian by holly-kingstown

Best Friends Forever!

Gianna Dior has been kinda down lately and Dior's very best friend in the whole wide world Darcie Dolce is there for her in their new scene over at All Girl Massage directed by Billy Visual. Dior's boyfriend just does not give her enough of his time and/or attention so Dior is feeling kinda lonely and sad. It is just not fun being in love with someone who is just never able to devote any of their time to you.Heck, she even has a massage gift certificate that he gave her that is good for one massage from him but she has not gotten him to be available to her long enough for her to use it!

Dolce listens to all of this and is there for her friend. You see, Dolce is a masseuse who is totally willing to give Dior that amorous rubdown so she takes the gift certificate from Dior. She has Dior get all naked right there in her bedroom and after a while, Dolce makes her move on her very hot friend Dior. Go watch all of this!

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