Top 10 Nude Actresses With Cheeky Names

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Every now and again, you'll come across an actress with an awesome name. Whether it's clearly made-up or just a cruel twist of fate, these names have made us giggle, titter, and stifle every form of laughter imaginable. Even better, however, is when all that tittering can accompany some good old fashioned tits, as it does with these ten actresses with fantastically cheeky names!

10. Bobbie Knockers in Detention

In the comedy/horror movie Detention (2011), Bobbie first gives us a gander of her titular asset when her top is lowered!


9. Alice Poon in Rollerball

Ms. Poon took a turn, and a lot of spills, in the Hollywood remake of the sci-fi thriller Rollerball (2002), playing an exotic, tough-as-nails contestant. With a last name like Poon, you just know Alice has got the goods!


8. Claudia Gravy in The Creature

In the Italian horror film La Criatura (1977) Claudia’s peeks peaked in a nearly three minute lovemaking session with her perky pair in fine sight. That'll have you cooking up a batch of gravy!


7. Champagne Nuttanun in Who’s Watching Oliver

Champagne bares breasts and booty for her role in the horror film Who’s Watching Oliver. Champagne appears tied to a desk on her stomach completely naked when she is captured by the deranged killer. We get a great look at her round rump while she struggles as well as some shots of her terrific tits.


6. Lisa Beavers in Sacrifice of the White Goddess

You can find Lisa taking off her shirt to accept the grace of a waterfall all over her rack, and also pouring some more from her canteen all over herself. This is the only place to see Beaver’s boobies on film, so make sure to savor it.


5. Imogen Poots in Frank & Lola

In her knockout topless debut, Ms. Poots finally shows off her incredible breasts as Michael Shannon goes down on her and then bangs her in the opening minutes of the film!


4. Honeysuckle Weeks in The Wicker Tree

We got a really good look at Honeysuckle's suckle stalks in The Wicker Tree (2011), where she played a small town temptress that lures a missionary into sinning. Looks like heaven to us!


3. Dana McBoobs in Carnage for the Destroyer

While Dana's resume is light, her role as Tit-Fuck Trick in Carnage for the Destroyer certainly stands out! Watch as Dana plays with her McBoobs for a man in a gorilla mask. He's so enraptured by her performance that he pulls out his (prosthetic) dong and proceeds to cover her McBoobs with plenty of special sauce!


2. Astrid Boner in Run, Virgin, Run

There are few actresses better named than Astrid Boner, for this German gal will make her surname appear as if by magic in your pants when you catch her in Run, Virgin, Run (1970). She doesn't look like a virgin when the sexy blonde shows off her big boobs and tight ass for some lucky jeans-wearing stud.


1 Grub Muffin in Grimewave

Grub Muffin is one dynamic, badass chick. The spunky red headed actress with the purposefully in-your-face name has just an in-your-face attitude. She appears completely naked - wearing only sunglasses and a necklace - in the film Grimewave. Her character's name is Porto-Potty Fairy which is completely apropos considering she walks beautifully nude into a porto potty and proceeds to touch herself.

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