Top 10 Hottest Cosplay Girls + Videos (2018)

February 25, 2019 | Posted in Pornstars by fleshbot

We bring you a list of the sexiest Cosplay ladies of 2018, complete with video shots. You can thank us later!

Correct! That is exactly what we said. We are bringing you video links and screen shots of our favorite cosplay porn stars of 2018. 2018 was a year that brought us some pretty great media in the cosplay pornstar realm, and these girls prove it. With inventive costumes and perfect bodies, these ladies put the fantasy back into... well, fantasy.

Amy Fantasy

Screen Shot:

Speaking of fantasy, Amy Fantasy tops our 10 hottest list for obvious reasons. Her talent is definitely out of this world. Choosing a video was probably the most difficult part, as Amy has hundreds of super-hot and definitely NSFW content. Young, nubile, and willing to bear it all for your pleasure, Amy Fantasy will have you frantically deleting your browser history in no time.

Leya Falcon

Screen Shot:

Fun and quirky Leya Falcon is the princess of cosplay porn. Leya is edgy and has a witty sense of humor that shines through in her videos. She is a complete joy to watch and a much needed palette cleanser in the world of boring and staged porn.

Hidori Rose

Screen Shot:

Hidori Rose is the best cosplayer when it comes to steamy waifu sets. Don’t let her buxom breasts fool you- this girl plays innocent like a goddess, getting the submissive sexuality down to a T.

Sweet Mother of Dragons

Screen Shot:

Sweet Mother of Dragons cosplay porn deviant is next level. The camera slides over her sultry curves better than the latex of many of her costumes. The Sweet Mother is known for her powerful presence in gender bending some of our favorite masculine anime characters into her buxom goddess interpretations.

Raen Aria

Screen Shot:

We could watch Raen’s Lilu Dallas clip all day long… in fact, we have. Watching her hips sway seductively back and forth in this futuristic costume is enough to make anyone scream for a multi pass.

Foxy Cosplayer

Screen Shot:

Foxy Cosplayer puts the nympho back in wood nymph. Known for her outrageous public videos and naughty nature play, Foxy is left on repeat.


Screen Shot:

Starlis can make even the softest core cosplay porn hard to look away from. With the perfect mix of feminine innocence and dominating curves, Starlis has us praying at her feet.

Renee Storm

Screen Shot:

Renee Storm has put together some incredibly hot photo shoots. Although her videos are rare, when you can find one, they are not to be missed.

Kleio Valentien

Screen Shot:

Kleio Valentien is a pornstar first and cosplay model second, but we can’t stop ourselves from loving her XXX interpretations of some of the hottest comic book stories. Have you ever seen a Batman sweater look that good?

Cosplayer Domi

Screen Shot:

Domi is a sweet solo cosplayer that occasionally hooks up with other deviant ladies for photo shoots and videos. Not that Cosplayer Domi needs any help of course, but what is a hero without a villain?

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