Amber Xtra Loves Showering With Her Man

February 21, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

Super Soapy Fun!

Meet this sweet Missouri couple Amber Xtra and Jasper Spice. Today, they are treating us to getting to watch them take a shower together which is awesome. They are both nude, as you would be in your shower and they are so affectionate and real with each other in this clip. I kinda love it. They shampoo up their heads and they uses their hands and a bar of soap to get each other nice and clean.

Hey, if you have not taken a shower with your special someone in a while, I totally recommend it. I love giving shower head because, well, hello, it is easy to get clean right in there from any spit or cum. I get right down on my knees there in the shower and I totally always get my guy off when I do that.How do you NOT have a super day after that kind of a morning bathing experience? I have one of these that makes a good foot rest/handle for bending over for shower fucking and this is my favorite shower gel for shower sexy fun. More shower sex!

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