Aidra Fox Gets Coerced Into A Threeway By Abigail Mac’s Promises Of Fame Over at Pure Taboo

February 21, 2019 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Aidra Will Do Anything For Fame!

Struggling musician Aidra Fox has been busking with her guitar all day on the street in Hollywood and it just did not go well in her new scene over at Pure Taboo. After a full day of playing her music, she only has six dollars in quarters and a phone number. Her manager is happy to see that the phone number belongs to super famous DJ Seth Gamble's assistant Abigail Mac. Fox's slimy manager knows that the number could be Fox's big break so they call it and get invited to Gamble's home by Mac.

Once there at Gamble's luxurious mansion, Mac takes the two into Gamble's studio. Once there, Fox unexpectedly gets her ass squeezed by Mac and asked if she has ever done any modeling. Fox pulls her manager aside and says that this is not what she wants to do. The manager tells Fox to go back and hear them out. They just might have a big offer that they could make so that she could become a star. They have a big offer, for sure. It is for a threeway. Go watch what happens!

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