Mila Loves Gets Messy For ASMR

February 20, 2019 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Mila Wants You To Listen Up

Sexy Asian amateur performer Mila Loves treats us all to some AMSR moaning along with drooling in this clip. First off, mad props to her lipstick. That lip color goes nowhere even though she runs her tongue all over it and her drool runs all down it. She has a really pretty, pretty mouth and nice teeth. I love how she is not shy or reserved about letting that spit throw out of her at all.

She is all about serving fans of fetish and she has other clips with her peeing her panties for the world's viewing pleasure along with clips of her giving a dildo a blowjob and riding a dildo. I love this closeup of her lovely mouth, though. I could watch her mouth and her tongue all day long and that drool, well, she is just fine making a mess with her spit and I am more than OK watching it. ASMR is so much fun and she definitely uses some great tones with her voice here.

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