Checking In with AVN Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene Award Winner Avi Love

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Get Possessed By Avi!

Hot starlet Avi Love won Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene for her work with AVN Hall of Famer Ramon Nomar in the multi-AVN Award winning Axel Braun Productions/Wicked Pictures feature "The Possession Of Mrs. Hyde" directed by AVN Hall of Famer Axel Braun. The movie also won Best Action/Thriller, Best Director-Feature for Axel Braun, Best Screenplay to the late Lasse Braun, Axel Braun and Rikki Braun (yes, this movie was a family affair) and Movie Of The Year. Here's what Love had to say about starring in this modern classic.


So how are you, Avi? How are things going?
"Things are really great! Thanks for asking. :)

Congrats on your Best Actress-Feature nomination for your work in "The Possession of Mrs. Hyde"! What did you enjoy most about playing the role?
"Thank you so much! What I enjoyed most about playing Valerie was the transformation. I started out as this sweet, innocent college girl who never had a boyfriend before. I was even afraid of my mother finding out that I was going to a club wearing a tight dress, then I got to evolve into a strong, empowered woman. A little evil, maybe…but still empowered!"

How was being directed by AVN Hall of Famer Axel Braun? This movie was quite a family effort.
"Axel is an AMAZING director and actor too! He's really good at setting the vibe he wants for the scene and he lets you go for it which for me, made it easier to make Valerie come to life because I got the freedom to really become this character. It was very much a family effort, not only because Axel wrote the script with his father and his son Rikki, but also because everyone on set was happy and thrilled to be there and we created our own little community."

Your AVN Award winning scene with Ramon Nomar in "The Possession Of Mrs. Hyde" is super hot. What do you remember most about being in that scene?
"Well, first, Ramon is so sexy and I was really excited to get to work with him, but what I remember the most was being drenched in sweat which made the scene that much more intense and Ramon was so irresistible that I wasn't even thinking about how hot it was in that limo. We couldn't have the A/C on because of sound and it was summer so the limo was like a sauna!"

"The Possession Of Mrs. Hyde" has an incredible cast. Whose performance surprised you the most?
"I would have to say Seth [Gamble]'s performance, he brought so much depth to Mr.Hyde. It was truly mind-boggling how he made the character seem so real."

How was starring in a black and white movie? So much of porn is about the appearance of flesh that it had to be an interesting experience.
"Well, aside from Axel and the Director of Photography [Hank Hoffman], none of the cast and crew actually knew that we were even shooting in black and white movie until the trailer came out, and I absolutely love it! It really makes this movie a piece of art and I think it was a brilliant decision."

Seth Gamble's performance as Mr. Hyde in this is a remarkable one. How was working with him in this?
"I loved acting alongside Seth, he brings so much passion to set it's really amazing to work with him. Axel had a vision for Mr. Hyde that was more in line with the Stevenson novel than the Hollywood movies, where he has always been depicted as an actual monster. Our Mr. Hyde is sexy, conflicted, charming, dangerous. Seth has been working with Axel on big projects for so long and they have a deep respect and appreciation for each other, and it was very evident on this movie. Seth really managed to convey the 'monster within' while realistically sweeping a girl like Valerie off her feet."

You also reprised your Mrs. Hyde character for a cameo in Axel Braun’s 'Deadpool XXX'. Does that mean a sequel for either movie is in the works?
"You'll have to stay tuned to find out!"

So what is coming up for you?
"I have a few projects coming up, follow me on Twitter to see my newest scenes and release dates."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot?
"I would not be where I am today without you guys, thanks for your support!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Axel Braun Productions/Wicked Pictures. Click right here to watch "The Possession of Mrs. Hyde" right now!

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